Your untouched paradise


Rodrigues Island is waiting to be discovered by you through nature tours, feeling nature, having this break right now...


An incomparable sense of freedom takes over when driving through Rodrigues.Go anywhere,park on any street corner and feel the sun, wind and sea spray on your face and shoulders as you ride through the island. Have no fear to drive around, relax and enjoy the winding roads as they reveal a panorama on the Rodriguan coast that will take your breath away.


Through all its natural aspects, Rodrigues offers to you freedom, serenity, calm and the sensation of being at home. Secure and peaceful, warm welcoming, here we go for a ride in discovering the untouched paradise with Eco ballade.


For those looking to unveil Rodrigues Island’s own discreet and sincere charm, Our trips take you to the perfect day itinerary . Discover all treasures nature brings to you: Hiking, sailing with the traditional fishing boat, discover and enjoy walking among tortoises in the nature reserve and explore our limestone caves

Feel the breeze on your face when you head to the islet, cocos island and discover and enjoy being in the bird nature reserve.

Experience the safer place to swim in the marine reserve and feel untouched nature .

Rodrigues Island offers to you what you cannot get anywhere else, the untouched paradise….

Eco ballade guides you to:

Hiking for fun and relax, trip with traditional fisherman boat to southern islands. Visit of nature reserves: Cocos island, Grande Montagne nature reserve, marine reserve for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Discover the island in 4 x4 and meet Rodriguan people, get to know our culture, our food, our fauna and flora.

Enjoy fishing with us, for traditional and big game fishing.

Discover our caves and tortoise reserve.

Experience the great sensation of zipline and kite surfing.

You may choose to discover freely by renting a car, pick-up, scooter or a motorbike.

To guide you through your choices for accomodation, Eco ballade proposes different lodging options, according to your choice and budget.

Enjoy, relax, Ecoballade plans all your holiday.

Contact: Marie Paule/Delphine

Kiosk, Alfred Northcoombes

Port Mathurin

Ile Rodrigues

Tel: +230 5787 6096//+230 5877 7069